Saturday – Monday, everything at will be 20% off!


You might be wondering…why not Black Friday?

I think most of us have kind of become disgusted by the concept of Black Friday. I personally am not ok with stores opening up on Thanksgiving or the wee hours of the day after Thanksgiving, forcing employees to work ridiculous hours and spend time away from their families, when they should be at home celebrating the holiday.

While I am a solopreneur and don’t have any employees, I just can’t buy into the culture of consumerism that Black Friday promotes. You might be familiar with REI’s #OptOutside campaign…if you’re not, check it out here. REI now closes their stores on Black Friday and lets their employees relax with their families and play outside if they like. How cool is that? They also encourage their customers to skip shopping altogether on Friday, and go bike, hike, ski, kayak, or do whatever sport they choose instead. I can get on board with that idea!

Wild Blue Dream’s Sale Runs Small Business Saturday – Cyber Monday

Instead of running Wild Blue Dream’s sale on Black Friday, I’ll be running my sale Saturday – Monday. In case you haven’t heard, Saturday has been declared “Small Business Saturday”. Choose to support a small business, and you’ll be helping support local economies. Instead of helping a huge corporation get richer, you’ll help mom and pop businesses grow and thrive. That might mean helping a family give their daughter skating lessons, buy their son soccer shoes, or even send their kid to college.

Since I run Wild Blue Dream primarily online, I’ll be continuing my sale through Cyber Monday. Who doesn’t love shopping online? No lines, no traffic, no crowds. If you want to support a small business online, and are looking for something truly unique, make sure to check out handmade marketplaces like and

Wild Blue Dream’s sale will run Saturday, November 26th at 12:00 am to Monday, November 28th at 11:59 pm (MST).

And don’t forget…10% of all sales will be donated to Protect Our Winters, an organization dedicated to positive climate action. Read more about Protect Our Winters here.

Thanks for supporting small businesses and independent creatives like me!